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The fruit bodies of this genus are sessile and stipitate, the upper surface of the pileus being shiny due to the presence of an amorphous waxy substance secreted by the hyphae. Hyphal system trimitic; generative hyphae with clamp connections; skeletal hyphae are of two types: arboriform, showing an unbranched basal part with a branched tapering end; and aciculiform, unbranched and usually with a sharp tip; binding hyphae slender, branched and twisting. Basidia globose to clavate, 4-spored, collapsing in dried basidiocarps; spores brown, double-walled with a dark coloured inner wall bearing an ornamentation which pierces the hyaline outer wall so that the spores appear to have a spiny surface; ovate to cylindrical, or ovate with the wall unevenly thickened, the apex being always thicker, truncated or rounded; context always with a derm.


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