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Fruit bodies, when fresh, rubbery-gelatinous, varying from resupinate with free margins to substipitate or occasionally stipitate; saprobic; solitary or gregarious to imbricate-caespitose; mature specimens 1–2 mm in thickness, mostly from 5–6 mm to 8–10 cm or more in width. When dry, thin, translucent to opaque, horny and brittle, upper surface pilose, hairs 65–500 µm long; lower surface bearing the hymenium, which is externally glabrous to pruinose, often with venulose folds; colour pallid or rosy to dark brown or black. Longitudinal sections show characteristic hyphal organisation with discernible zonation; hymenial layer dense; basidia cylindrical to clavate, transversely septate, giving rise to slender epibasidia terminating into stigmata. Paraphyses branched, slender; spores white to ochraceous when seen in mass, cylindrical to allantoid, germinating by a germ tube.


Fruit Body Longitudinal Section Germ Tube Free Margin Mature Specimen 
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