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This is a very common genus whose species are usually found growing in the woods during the rainy season. Fruit bodies are usually gelatinous, drying to a horny consistency. Many species are with a lobed and contorted hymenium. Pileus orange, brown, or white in colour, gelatinous, or varying from waxy-gelatinous and sub-fleshy (inside) to soft gelatinous; probasidia globose, oval or pyriform, becoming longitudinally or occasionally irregularly septate, four, rarely two- or three- celled, each cell producing a tubular epibasidium, sometimes notably inflated at tip below the sterigmata; basidiospores hyaline to yellowish or brownish; white, yellow, orange or yellow brown when seen in mass, globose to broadly ovate, sometimes depressed ventrally, rarely suballantoid.


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