An Austrian, then employed in the Turkish service, has left us an account of the events which preceded and announced the outbreak of the great peasant insurrection in Bosnia, which led to the detachment of that region from the Ottoman Empire in 1878. There had been a dispute about tithes. The Christian peasants of Lukovac and other villages gathered, left their houses and went up into the mountains; the Christian peasants near Gabela and Ravno went on strike and held meetings. While the dispute was under negotiation, a caravan from Mostar was attacked by a band of armed Christian robbers and seven Moslem carters killed. The Turks thereupon broke off discussions. The peasants of Nevesinje thereupon took arms and went into the mountains, where alarm-fires were lit. In Ravno and Gabela the peasants also took arms. To the well-informed it was clear that a major insurrection was at hand1


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