Summary Report of the Symposium Address

Bioengineering—a many splendoured thing—but for whom?
  • H. S. Wolff


After expressing his pleasure at being with the Symposium participants and guests, Mr Wolff commenced his lecture by exhibiting himself (figure 1) looking perplexed about why in the first instance he had agreed to give a lecture at all with the title quoted. He then went on to deplore the way engineering is taking the human touch out of medicine. His figure 2 (of a scantily dressed female with adoring male in classical garb) illustrated how, in his view, a civilised outpatient department should be conducted, providing that immediacy of touch between patient and operator which gives such obvious pleasure to both (figure 3). This he compared with figure 4, in which an operator, totally impersonal, looks at a patient disembodiedly transformed into readings on a monitoring machine.


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