Heart Replacement and Circulatory Support

  • D. B. Longmore


A short contribution to a Symposium may not be meaningful if it is not considered in context. Thus I welcome the opportunity to outline the background to areas of research undertaken by myself and my teams. These fit into a policy of studying fields which have been overlooked by current research programmes, but which are immediately relevant by merit of being possible. It is important to realise that we are not committing scientific treason if instead of following surgical and bioengineering fashion we look elsewhere. The question I have tried to ask is not where would we like to be in the field of heart replacement in x years’ time, but where is it possible for us to be. In my view, unless bioengineering is, as its name implies, a real life science and not engineering divorced from biological reality, our potential advancement will depend on chance; a proven but exceedingly slow evolutionary process.


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