Social Philosophy

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Few countries in the world have placed philosophy on so elevated a pedestal as has France. Few countries in the world initiate most of their schoolchildren in philosophy and teach them to think; and very few countries exhibit so many different currents of thinking, whether it be in economics, in politics or in the social field. It is this very wealth of thinking that makes this section a difficult one to tackle; a task rendered even more difficult by the near impossibility of attempting to divorce this section of the work from the next one, which is devoted to external affairs. This difficulty is enhanced by the fact that France was technically at war between 1939 and 1962, which in turn meant an acute accentuation of the politicisation between different groups in the country and their schools of thought. Equally the postwar pursuit of military objectives reduced the resources which might have been devoted to certain social ends, thus in turn accentuating the politicisation in the country.


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