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From 1920 until the Italian invasion Albania had a parliamentary system of government with a single elected chamber, but neither under the Republic nor under the monarchy did this function effectively. Under the Republic formed in 1946 there has been one chamber, the People’s Assembly, elected on universal suffrage of all over 18, and sitting for a four-year term. The Assembly elects its Presidium and Council of Ministers. The Chairman of the Presidium is also the head of the state, and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers the Prime Minister. The Assembly, the Council and the Presidium operate on the Soviet pattern; the Assembly sits for short sessions, the Presidium more or less permanently, although the Assembly must meet twice a year. The Assembly has one member for each 8,000 voters. The Presidium has a chairman and three deputy chairmen, a secretary and ten members. The initiation and passing of legislation, and the exercise of legislative and executive power is the same as in the Soviet Union.


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