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The Founder of the Evangelical Churches

  • Gerhard Ritter
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FOR MORE THAN TWO DECADES Luther shouldered the weight of this everyday work—an enormous burden that continually increased and although often seeming to suppress completely his human feelings, instead brought out all the more strongly the sharper, more offensive traits of his character. Yet it was never able to stifle the confidence of his faith, nor the manysided richness of his character, the inexhaustible humor and good-naturedness of this great and childlike soul. “I hope they will not rob me of my courage and joy,” he wrote in the middle of the peasants’ revolt. Of course, as a natural man, he was grieved to be the object of universal hatred, for “it is something which is deeply rooted in our nature that we should be pleased when people are favorably disposed toward us.” But this did not for a moment distract him from his vocation; he was only plagued by the spirit of his conscience. “All their blood is on my hands. But I can lay it at the door of our Lord God, who ordered me to say that.” Again, the way in which he countered the hatred and contempt of men was typical of Luther.


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