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The Beginning of the Reformation

  • Leopold Von Ranke
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“I AM A PEASANT’S SON,” says Luther; “my father, grandfather, and ancestors were genuine peasants; afterwards, my father removed to Mansfeld, and became a miner; that is my native place.” Luther’s family was from Möhra, a village on the very summit of the Thuringian forest, not far from the spot celebrated for the first preaching of Christianity by Bonif ace; it is probable that Luther’s forefathers had for centuries been settled on their hide of land (Hufe) as was the custom with those Thuringian peasants, one brother among whom always inherited the estate, while the others sought a subsistence in other ways. Condemned by such a destiny to seek a home and hearth for himself, Hans Luther was led to the mines at Mansfeld, where he earned his bread by the sweat of his brow, while his wife, Margaret, often fetched wood from the forest on her back. Such were the parents of Martin Luther. He was born at Eisleben, where his sturdy mother had walked to the yearly fair; he grew up in the mountain air of Mansfeld.


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