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The Administrative and Military Monarchy of Versailles

  • A. de Saint-Léger
  • Philippe Sagnac
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THE VICTORY at Nymwegen wreathed Louis XIV in an halo of glory. The might of the true sovereign of Europe blazed forth in dreamlike setting far from noisy and unruly Paris, to which he had repaired in 1682. The small château of Louis XIII had become the vast palace of Versailles with its imposing façade on the park. The never-ending work of improvement and embellishment proceeded without halt in the halls and chambers filled with Italian masterpieces acquired by François I and the later kings of France; in the majestic Galerie des Glaces, which would be decorated by Le Brun and his pupils; and in the groves and terraces, where reliefs and statues of bronze and marble by Coyzevox, Girardon, Tuby, and the Keller brothers continued to multiply in an orderly, measured fashion, casting their reflections upon the tranquil waters of the pools or emerging artfully from the foliage.


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