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A Neo-Augustan Age

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WHAT GREAT CHANGES Louis XIV brought about in the state! And such changes were useful since they are still in force. [Louis XIV’s] ministers vied with each other in their eagerness to assist him. The details, indeed the whole execution of such schemes, was doubtless due to them, but his was the general organization. There can be no shadow of doubt that the magistrates would never have reformed the laws, the finances of the country would not have been put on a sound basis, or discipline introduced into the army, or a regular police force instituted throughout the kingdom; there would have been no fleets, no encouragement accorded to the arts; all these things would never have been peacefully and steadily accomplished in such a short period and under so many different ministers had there not been a ruler to conceive of such great schemes, and with a will strong enough to carry them out.


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