The Quality of British Management

  • Antony Peaker
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The assessment of such a vague concept as ‘the quality of management’ is fraught with difficulty. It is not possible to make definitive statements, particularly because it is necessary to consider these factors very broadly. Impressions have to be examined as well as ‘hard’ facts, and interpretation is bound to be a major difficulty. This path, from ‘harder’ to ‘softer’ facts is commonly followed in debating economic growth, though economists appear often to have placed less emphasis on the ‘softer’ facts than seems merited. Discussion of them is frequently restricted to a mere addendum to a complex analysis of hard facts; Denison, for example, [10] resorts in the last analysis to an apparent persistent over-manning and inefficiency in U.K. industry as being the cause of her relatively low growth rate and real-income levels. Other writers, such as Landes, Hobsbawm and Shanks have, on the other hand, stressed the importance of these ‘softer’ facts in explaining the performance of the British economy [32, 23, 49].


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