God’s Chosen People

  • Kalim Siddiqui


The Pakistanis call their State Mumlakat-e-Khudadad — a God-given country. The delusion of being God’s chosen people is one of the oldest to have bedevilled human behaviour. Godly delusions, however, are not the exclusive endowment of the ruling élite. The entire people must accept them or else such beliefs and self-images lose their political, social and economic utility. History — or what passes for history and historical experience — is the womb in which the seeds of self-deception are sown. The realistic behaviour of one generation becomes the ‘miracle’ of another. The ‘Indian Mutiny’ of 1857 was a realistic last-ditch attempt by the Muslims of India to prevent the consolidation of British power. It was the final act of a defiant and proud people who had ruled India for 800 years. They lost the battle but secured their pride which was to be carefully nursed and handed down until a future generation could redeem the lost empire and the fortunes of the former rulers of India.


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