Toxicological and Biological Properties of Fusarenon-X, A Cytotoxic Mycotoxin of Fusarium Nivale Fn-2B

  • Yoshio Ueno


With the aim of finding out the factors responsible for intoxication caused by mouldy foodstuffs, extensive research was carried out, with the cooperation of mycologists, toxicologists and chemists, into the ‘rice-fungustoxin’. The hepatotoxic luteoskyrin and chlorine-containing peptide of Penicillium islandicum Sopp,l the nephrotoxic citrinin of Penicillium citrinum Thom,2 and the neurotoxic citreoviridin of Penicillium citreo-viride Biourge3, 4 were isolated.


Culture Filtrate Alcaligenes Faecalis Penicillic Acid Young Bull Czapek Medium 
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  • Yoshio Ueno
    • 1
  1. 1.Microbial Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences ScienceUniversity of Tokyo, IchigayaTokyoJapan

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