Survival of the Fittest

  • Paul Einzig


As we saw in the last chapter, there is room for two opinions about the relative advantages and disadvantages of very large firms and about whether it would be worth while to join the EEC for the sake of the opportunity of increasing the size of big firms. But opinion in Britain is almost unanimously in favour of dogmatic belief in the advantages of more competition. The argument that by joining the EEC the extent of competition would increase does carry much weight. This, as the opinion in favour of the largest possible market, is part of the free-trader traditions of the British people. It is also one of the fundamental principles of the capitalist creed. One of the reasons why economic planning is on the whole unpopular in Britain lies in the belief that free competition with the minimum of Government interference is liable to produce much more favourable results than any avoidance of waste due to lack of planning or guidance. It seems probable that the majority of those who are in favour of joining the Common Market are influenced by the argument that in doing so competition would become distinctly keener.


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