From Hitler to Hallstein

  • Paul Einzig


The origins of the plan of a united Western Europe have been variously traced back to Pax Romana, to Charlemagne, to the Hanseatic League, to Napoleon’s Continental System, and to ideas of William Penn, Friedrich Naumann and Aristide Briand. My own theory is that the formula of a European Common Market, which is expected to lead to a complete economic and political integration of Western Europe, owes its origin, consciously or otherwise, to the short-lived practical experience in such integration between 1940 and 1944. The conquest of most of the Continent outside Russia by Hitler’s armies in 1940 brought about a political and economic integration that came to be known under the name of Hitler’s New Order in Europe. At a very early stage of its existence that system inspired an idea — not in Germany, let it be noted, but in Britain — that some such system should be made permanent regardless of the outcome of the war.


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