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It is characteristic of philosophical disagreements that they are often — in part at least — disagreements about where the disagreements lie. I myself am unclear as to whether Professor Hartmann really disagrees with Miss Berry at all, except on marginal points and in philosophical and literary style, although it may well be the case that Miss Berry disagrees with large parts of Professor Hartmann’s paper which are independent of our discussion. Professor Hartmann certainly gives the impression that he believes that he disagrees profoundly with Miss Berry. He calls her a ‘nominalist’, not once but twice. And I judge that, in Professor Hartmann’s circles, this is not very friendly. He even accuses her of an interest in verification and factuality. Now it may well be that in private life Miss Berry has a reputation as a nominalist and is perhaps notorious for her love of facts. But I find no trace of these vices — if they are in fact vices — in her paper.


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