‘Full Employment’ as an Objective

  • Lord Robbins


The subject which I have chosen for this paper is not one of those matters which are only discussed in university classrooms and papers to learned societies; it cannot be said that full employment as an objective has not attracted very general interest. It has been the subject of pronouncements of one sort or another from most established governments. It has been among the leading agenda at many international conferences. In some parts it has affected legislation, in almost all it has affected practice. There are few political parties which do not put full employment in the foreground of their political programmes; there are few political discussions which do not assume its desirability as an axiom to be accepted without question. Much more even than nationalization it has become the economic catchword of our time.


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    I am interested to observe from Professor Ohlin’s recent lectures that a similar lesson is to be drawn from Swedish experience. See Ohlin, The Problem of Employment Stabilisation, Lecture I (New York, 1949 ).Google Scholar

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