The Republic Emerges

  • Elizabeth Wiskemann


The Italy which emerged from the years of Fascism and war in 1945 was a country of ancient civilisation of many kinds, but one which had been politically united for scarcely seventy-five years. Since the beginning of the twentieth century the north had developed industrially at a quick pace; Turin, the capital city of Piedmont, which had provided Italy’s dynasty descended from the Dukes of Savoy, also gave birth to the Fabbrica Italiana degli Automobili Torino or FIAT, the great motor industry which was to become one of the country’s most precious assets. South of Rome, however, Italy comprised an undeveloped, primitive society where indescribable poverty reigned. North and south did not, indeed, know one another, and since September 1943 the war had cut them apart. In the country as a whole peasants still predominated over industrial workers by about two to one, and by much more than that in southern Italy.


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