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Manuscript, Typescript and Proof Material

  • Ronald Ayling
  • Michael J. Durkan


Arranged in order of, first, holograph material listed chronologically — the chronology of each exercise book or notebook being assessed by the date of the earliest ascertainable item of writing in it — and, secondly, typescript material listed chronologically in order of publication in book form. There are three exceptions within the typescript material: ‘Kathleen Listens In’ and ‘Nannie’s Night Out’ are listed in order of the date of their composition, which accords with that of their first stage production at the Abbey Theatre, while individual typescripts of articles, stories, and poems that were not printed in O’Casey’s books during his lifetime appear in a sequence entitled Miscellaneous Typescripts at the end of the section of typescript material. The section closes with a short checklist of proof material, listed chronologically in order of publication. All the material in Section E is now in libraries or public collections; these sources are named under the individual entries unless the item is in the Berg Collection of the New York Public Library. The latter collection, having acquired both the Sean O’Casey and Fergus O’Connor Papers, has by far the largest collection of O’Casey material in existence.


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