Summary Report on the Round Tables relating to Professor Tibor Scitovsky’s Paper

  • Fritz Machlup
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Four round-table discussions were arranged on international monetary problems. Each of the round tables was served by a moderator, a keynote speaker, and one or more rapporteurs taking notes to supply intelligence to myself as the final rapporteur. Although I have been reminded that it may not be desirable to engage in excessive name-dropping, I shall ask for your indulgence if I do mention later the persons who have done yeoman service to me and, indirectly, to you. Since I was never in more than one room at a time — which is perhaps understandable — I had to rely on others to tell me how the discussions went. It was a tantalising experience for me to move around, leave a room without being able to find out how Mr Y would answer a challenging question put by Mr X, and then arrive in another room to hear the end of Mr Z’s reply to an unheard question by an unknown inmate of my new temporary asylum. Yes, it was a crazy afternoon for this roving reporter.


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