The Clyde Workers’ Committee and the Dilution Struggle

  • James Hinton


‘Seldom has a prominent politician, a leading representative of the Governing class, been treated with so little respect by a meeting of the workers. It is evident that the feeling of servility towards their masters no longer holds first place in the minds of the Clyde workers.…’1 This was the revolutionary John Maclean’s comment in his short-lived paper, the Vanguard, on the meeting of 3000 engineers which Lloyd George addressed in the St. Andrew’s Hall, Glasgow, on Christmas Day, 1915. The same dominant emphasis on working-class audacity permeates William Gallacher’s portrayal of the Clydeside unrest of 1915–16.2 These judgements seem to catch the authentic tones of Red Clydeside.


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    W. R. Scott and J. Cunnison, The Industries of the Clyde Valley During the War (Oxford, 1924), p. 113.Google Scholar

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