An Empirical Argument

  • Thomas McPherson
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As we have said earlier, the form of the Argument from Design that Hume was considering in the Dialogues owed much to Newton; Hume dealt with an argument which was supposed to be scientifically respectable: and part of what he, it seems, hoped to achieve was to show that this claim was unjustified. The question whether, or how far, the Argument from Design is scientifically respectable is also of importance in our own day, when the prestige of science is certainly not less than it has ever been; and although Hume’s science is bound to seem unsophisticated from a present-day point of view, some at least of what he had to say on this question is still valuable. It should perhaps be said at once that the question whether or how far the Argument is scientifically respectable is a narrower question than that of whether or how far it is an empirical or a posteriori argument.


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