Retrospect and Prospect

  • Derek H. Aldcroft


Despite the drastic reforms of the early 1960s the railways could do little more than mark time financially. Unfortunately the new policies were not allowed to run their full course, though it is unlikely that they would have brought the railways into financial equilibrium. However by the middle of the 1960s plans were afoot for further policy changes. The new Labour Government of 1964 was clearly unhappy about the transport situation as a whole, and the departure of Dr Beeching from the Railways Board in May 1965 provided the opening for new manoeuvres. By the beginning of 1966 it was becoming apparent that the railways were not likely to achieve financial solvency in the near future. The Government felt that the commercial approach had been tried and found wanting. Moreover it was generally considered that, by maintaining the principles laid down in the Act of 1962, the proper transport needs of the country were being neglected.


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