Modern Industrial Developments

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An industrial enquiry carried out by the Government between 1961 and 1962 showed that some 671 industrial undertakings with ten or more employees existed in Eastern Nigeria at the time of the survey.2 This figure includes both traditional handicraft centres, small indigenous industries and modern factory-type establishments. Nevertheless the survey resulted in an under-count, due to omission from the enquiry of handicraft and ‘cottage-type’ enterprises in the more remote areas of the country; the figure is certainly an underestimate today, since a number of new industries (large and small) have been set up as going concerns in the Eastern Provinces since 1962. If, furthermore, the ‘cut-off’ point had been taken as five employees or even less, a more realistic figure so far as small industries in Eastern Nigeria are concerned, then the number of industrial firms would have been increased to many thousands.


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