Yeats’s Arabic Interests

  • S. B. Bushrui


Yeats’s arabic interests can be traced to his more general interests in the East. In his mind the East and Ancient Ireland seem to have been linked, and ‘it was from the East that Yeats snatched the clue to the interpretation of Druidic culture.…’1 As early as 1885 he met the Brahmin missionary, Mohini Chatterji, whose philosophy and approach to life stirred his imagination and developed an already deep interest in Indian poetry and philosophy. This early interest in India was not with ‘the India of politicians or historians or travellers, but an India of pure romance which bears some subtle yet obvious relation to old romantic Ireland’.2 In the same way the Arabia3 which became the background of A Vision was to be an Arabia of ‘pure romance’ and also related to ‘old romantic Ireland’.


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