Evidence Presented to the Commission on Oxford University

  • Lord Robbins


In responding to the invitation to give evidence to this Commission, I should like to make clear the limitations of my experience. It is now nearly thirty-five years since I taught in Oxford; and the accidents of preoccupation and opportunity have brought it about that, since then, I have had probably less contact with Oxford than with several other universities. I cannot, therefore, claim to speak with any close acquaintance with the internal organization and administration of the university; my sole competence, such as it is, relates to the outside view; and that is limited mainly to the aspects which disclosed themselves during the nearly four years during which I took part in the recent inquiry into higher education in this country. Apart from this, as a member of another academic institution, and still heavily engaged in teaching and administrative duties, I do not think that I have had, or have, any special opportunities for acquiring knowledge about the matters with which the Commission is concerned.


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