The Mandukya Upanishad

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When I wrote my introduction to The Holy Mountain, I did not analyse Bhagwān Shri Hamsa’s vision by the frozen lake, and that has been heavy on my conscience. The culmination of the pilgrimage, it should have been the culmination of my argument, but I shied away from it. Then after the publication of the book I asked Shri Purohit Swami if a passer-by, were one possible amid such desolation, could have seen the God. He said ‘No,’ and now that I was not compelled to assume a materialisation like that which showed the medium and itself side by side and permitted Sir William Crookes to feel its beating heart, my intellect could begin its analysis. Analysis seemed important because of the connection, still vague in my imagination, between pilgrimage and vision, scenery and the pilgrim’s salvation. Forty years ago my closest friend planned a walk through Ireland, a long stick with a head like the letter ‘T’ in his hand, that he might preach the return of those ancient gods that seemed a part of the soil and the blood.


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