Louis Lambert

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Sometimes i meet somebody who read Louis Lambert in his ’teens and find that he and I have put it among our sacred books, those books that expound destiny with such a mysterious authority that they furnish texts for pious meditation. Yet Louis Lambert is more or less materialistic; all things originate in a substance which is the common element of electricity, heat, and light. In the brain the animal transforms it, in proportion to the strength of the brain, into will. This will creates out of itself thought and sense and by their means absorbs more and more of the parent substance. Though we speak of five senses there is only one, light, for tasting, hearing, smelling are light or sight transformed by different mutations of the substance. Balzac, who describes his own schooldays when he describes Louis Lambert’s, may have found in that library at the Vendôme College, founded by learned Oratorians, the works of Bonaventura and of his contemporary Grosseteste, for to Bonaventura hearing, tasting, smelling are forms of light, while to Grosseteste light confers form upon the First Matter.


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