Human Welfare and Human Needs

  • Eugene Kamenka
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‘Marxist-Leninist ethics’, says a Soviet textbook on the subject,18 ‘also contains a normative aspect. It not only explains the social essence of morality and the laws of its development, but also provides a theoretical foundation for the moral goal of Communist society, for the norms and principles of Communist morality.’ In other words, it gives ethics a foundation in Schopenhauer’s sense; it allegedly provides a ‘scientific’ principle of justification for Communist morality. (In the Russian text, the Hegelian word moment is used where I have put ‘aspect’. The use of this word makes it clear, and is meant to make it clear, that the normative aspect of Marxist-Leninist ethics is no accidental accretion, but an essential phase or aspect in Marxist-Leninist ethics, one that helps to determine its structure and development.)


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