Ethics and Alienation

  • Eugene Kamenka
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The Marxian system, I have been arguing, begins with a ‘philosophy of man’. It proclaims man to be the presupposition and the end of all philosophy, all science and all human activity; for Marx man is the subject in terms of which these latter are to be understood and judged. Ludwig Feuerbach, an understanding of whose earlier work forms an indispensable precondition for the appreciation of Marx’s aims and methods, summarised his own philosophical development from his beginnings as a theological student, through his Hegelian period to his Essence of Christianity thus: ‘God was my first thought, Reason my second thought, man my third and last thought.’ In the Essence of Christianity, Feuerbach added: ‘There is no other essence which man can think of, dream, imagine, feel, believe in, wish for, love and adore as the absolute, than the essence of human nature itself.’9


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