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The study of urban history has made great strides in these islands over the past fifteen or twenty years. There are those who tell us that the future of history, as a field of study, is doomed; that in our educational system it is bound to go the way of classics; that in many schools it has already virtually disappeared from the curriculum; and that in others it survives only by masquerading under another name. Fortunately this is not the place to dispute these disagreeable forebodings; neither is the present writer competent to do so, so far as the situation in schools is concerned. It must be admitted that it will be a sad day for the human race when it ceases to be interested in the past, for then it will cease to be interested in civilisation.


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    One excellent study has recently appeared: R. G. Wilson, Gentlemen Merchants: The Merchant Community in Leeds, 1700–1830 (1971).Google Scholar

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