Constituency Campaigns

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As in past books, we have attempted to convey the feel of electioneering at the local level through a set of constituency studies, contributed by first-hand observers. But on this occasion we include more constituencies, described more briefly. Instead of providing moderately exhaustive accounts of a few very diverse constituencies, often typical for their very lack of special features,
we deliberately sought out contests that were of exceptional interest, and asked our contributors to focus upon those aspects which had rendered them exceptional. Inevitably most of these seats are marginal but this was never the sole reason for their selection. Bexley and Huyton sent the leaders of the two main parties to parliament. Smethwick had produced the most remark- able result in 1964 and Kemptown the narrowest. Billericay had the largest electorate in the country and one of the most rapidly expanding. Preston had a special highly publicised local issue. Chippenham offered an example of a serious Liberal challenge.


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