Dragon’s Teeth (September 1901–June 1902)

  • Julian Amery


The previous volume of this work recorded the events which raised Chamberlain to the height of his power and fame. The Khaki Election had secured his position in the constituencies and in Parliament. His crushing refutation of Bulow’s charge that we had used‘methods of Barbarism’ against the Boers had made him the champion of England in the international arena. The Treaty of Vereeniging had set the seal of success on his South African policy. To crown it all, his journey to the scene of strife had raised him above party and completed his triumph. Liberals might damn the war as ‘Chamberlain’s war’. Unionists might claim the victory as ‘Chamberlain’s victory’. But both sides in politics and the whole British Democracy, at home and overseas, were united in hailing the peace as ‘Chamberlain’s peace’.


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