Calvin to Edward VI, 1551

  • H. C. Porter
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If I had to make excuse to your Majesty for the liberty I have taken in dedicating to you these books* which I herewith present to you, I must have found an apologist to address you on my behalf. For my letters would be so far from possessing any influence for this purpose, that they would have required a new apology for themselves. In fact, as I should never have taken upon myself to address to you the commentaries which I have published in your name, so I should not presume to write to you now, were it not for the confidence I have already entertained that both my letter and commentaries would be favourably received. For since, regarding me as of the number of those who exert themselves in advancing the kingdom of the Son of God, you have not disdained to read what I had not expressly dedicated to your Majesty; I have thought that if in serving Jesus Christ, my master, I should equally bear testimony to the especial reverence and affection that I bear you, I could not fail to meet with a favourable and courteous reception.


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