Cambridge Letter of Bucer to Calvin, 1550

  • H. C. Porter
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I greatly stand in need of the consolation of your letters. For though there are not wanting to me in this country faithful friends and brethren in the Lord, yet I know not how it is, but I am most anxiously desirous to learn what my old friends and long tried colleagues are doing, how the work of the Lord is making progress among them, and also that they may advise, comfort, and exhort me. Accounts are from time to time sent me from my native place and other parts of Germany, which greatly distress my mind; and the cause of Christ too is likewise so conducted in this country, that unless the Lord look upon our most innocent and religious king and some other godly individuals with his special mercy, it is greatly to be feared that the dreadful wrath of God will very shortly blaze forth against this kingdom also. The bishops have not yet been able to come to an agreement as to Christian doctrine, much less as to discipline, and very few parishes have pastors qualified for their office. Most of them are sold to the nobility; and there are persons, even among the ecclesiastical order, and those too who wish to be regarded as gospellers, who hold three or four parishes and even more, without ministering in any one of them; but they appoint such substitutes as will be satisfied with the least stipend, and who for the most part cannot even read English, and who are in heart mere papists.


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