Barnes’s Defence of his Cambridge Sermon, Christmas Eve 1525

  • H. C. Porter
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Most gracious Prince, that your grace should know what cause of heresy the bishops had against me, for the which they so uncharitably and so cruelly have cast me away. Therefore have I set out the articles that were laid against me. And as they were laid against me, as I will be reported by their own acts and books. The which articles doubtless were uncharitably and falsely gathered against me in a sermon that I made in Cambridge, in Saint Edward’s Church. Wherefore I will beseech your grace with all meekness and lowliness to be my gracious Lord and Prince. And not to suffer me thus shamefully and cruelly, against all law and conscience, utterly to be undone and cast away. But of your most high goodness to suffer me to come to mine answer, and then, if I cannot justify my cause I will be at your gracious commandment, to be punished after right and conscience.


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