An Editor’s 1603 Preface to a Perkins Work

  • H. C. Porter
Part of the History in Depth book series (HD)


Experience teacheth, and it is a true conclusion propounded and proved in the scriptures of the Old and New Testament, that as God in the beginning by his omnipotent power established the whole frame of the heavens and the earth, so he hath in his wisdom directed them, and all things contained in them, unto one main end, the manifestation of his glory. Whereunto, though everything created, by his appointment, according to the law of creation and the principles of its own entire nature is, and ought to be, referred; yet amongst the works of God, some do more principally and directly make for that purpose, as namely, man, whom God hath endued with the gifts of understanding and knowledge, and in whom he hath engraven his own image in righteousness and true holiness.


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