Letter from Rogers and Others, June 1587

  • H. C. Porter
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Whereas (beloved brethren) at the time of the last Parliament order was taken by consent of many of our godly brethren and fellow labourers assembled at London that all the ministers which favoured and sought the reformation of our church should sort themselves together to have their meeting to confer about the matters of the church, besides such exercises as should most make for their profitirig every way; it was further advised that none should assemble above the number of ten, and therefore they which exceeded that number should sort themselves with others of their brethren next adjoining, where defect was. According hereunto, we your brethren, whose names are underwritten, have had our meeting so often as our troubles would give us leave; but find, in regard to the smallness of our number, and distance of place, that we stand in need of further aid of some to be adjoined unto us. Whereupon, understanding that God hath blessed you with store, we are constrained to make suit unto you that you would of your abundance supply our want. And namely, considering that our beloved brother Mr Newman is one who may be profitable unto us, and in place most fit, in respect of you and us, our earnest desire is that you would yield this benefit unto us, which we shall receive as a pledge of your love with thankfulness, and so remain in unfeigned love indebted to you.


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