Rogers’s Monthly Journal, February to April 1587

  • H. C. Porter
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Dr Williams’s Library MSS, no. 61, 13. The full manuscript runs to 82 folios. In the seventeenth century it belonged to Roger Morrice, literary executor of Richard Baxter. M. M. Knappen gave Dr Williams’s Library a typed transcript in 1933, 176 folios (with some notes). I have printed here the first five folios of the manuscript (or what remains: the first 8 folios are defective at the bottom of each folio). This corresponds to the first 9 folios of the Knappen transcript. Knappen printed only about one folio of this section in his extracts from the journal — published in ‘Two Elizabethan Puritan Diaries’ (1933). The manuscript is anonymous, though a cover note describes the author as ‘a puritan minister of Cambridge’. Knappen thought it 99 per cent certain that Rogers was the author.


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