Essay ‘Of Ceremonies’ at end of 1549 Prayer Book

  • H. C. Porter
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Of such ceremonies as be used in the church, and have had their beginning by the institution of man, some at the first were of godly intent and purpose devised, and yet at length turned to vanity and superstition; some entered into the church by undiscreet devotion, and such a zeal as was without knowledge, and for because they were winked at in the beginning they grew daily to more and more abuses, which not only for their profitableness, but also because they have much blinded the people and obscured the glory of God, are worthy to be cut away and clean rejected. Other there be, which although they have been devised by man, yet it is thought good to reserve them still, as well for a decent order in the church (for the which they were first devised) as because they pertain to edification, whereunto all things done in the church (as the Apostle teacheth) ought to be referred. And although the keeping or omitting of a ceremony (in itself considered) is but a small thing, yet the wilful and contemptuous transgression and breaking of a common order and discipline is no small offence before God. Let all things be done among you (saith St Paul) in a seemly and due order.


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