November 19, 1792: Petitioners vs. Roland on Price-Fixing

  • Paul H. Beik
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Among the pieces of business in the National Convention on November 19, 1792, was the reading of an address concerning the cost of living, brought in by a delegation of the electoral corps of Seine-et-Oise. This was followed by the reading of a statement on the same subject by the Minister of the Interior, Jean Marie Roland de La Platière, whose point of view was quite different from that of the delegation. Roland was then fifty-eight years of age, with a long career behind him as an inspector of manufactures, which included substantial writings on economic and technological development. He and his wife were very closely associated with the leading Girondins. These selections are from the Archives parlementaires Vol. LIII, pp. 475–477. Dots in the text represent the punctuation of the original rather than cuts in the documents.


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