June 14, 1791: Chapelier on Organizations of Workers

  • Paul H. Beik
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The deputy Isaac René Guy Le Chapelier came from Brittany, where he had been a successful lawyer. He was deputy for the Third Estate from the sénéchaussée of Rennes and was one of the most vigorous supporters of the revolution in its early years, being one of the founders of the Breton Club, which became the Jacobins, and President of the National Assembly during the night session of August 4, 1789. He was to have misgivings about the radical course of the revolution after the king’s flight in June, 1791, and was probably one of those who wanted to revise the constitution in a conservative direction. Here we see him a week before the king’s flight, successfully introducing legislation characteristic of the economic and social individualism that he shared with many of his fellow deputies. The source is Réimpression de l’ancien Moniteur, Vol. VIII (Paris, 1847), pp. 661–662, 663.


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