April 17, 1788: Louis XVI to a Deputation from the Parlement of Paris

  • Paul H. Beik
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In the winter and spring of 1787-1788, the Parlement of Paris continued to resist the king’s will, in spite of the exiling of the Duke of Orléans to his country estates and the imprisonment of the parlementary conseillers Fréteau and Sabatier and Louis XVI’s reiteration of his willingness to call the Estates General by 1791. Various exchanges took place between the parlement and the court, but the parlement was meanwhile preparing lengthy remonstrances concerning the royal session of November 19, 1787. These were presented to the king on April 13, 1788. Louis XVI then summoned a deputation of the parle- ment to Versailles on April 17, 1788, and in a setting of pomp and severity, surrounded by his brothers, the princes of the blood, his ministers, and various courtiers, read the parlement’s deputation the following lecture. The source is Remontrances du Parlement de Paris au XVIIle siècle publiées par Jules Flammermont. Vol. III, 1768–1788 (Paris, 1898), pp. 735–736.


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