Proposals for Belief

  • William A. Christian
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We have been using the following pairs of sentences among others as working examples of religious doctrines, considering them as possible utterances in S:
  1. Bl

    The Dharma is the path to attainment of Nirvana.

  2. B2

    Aim at attaining Nirvana.

  3. B2v

    Nirvana is the supreme goal of life.

  4. B3

    Live in accord with the Dharma.

  5. B3v

    The good life is a life in accord with the Dharma.

  6. B4

    Attainment of Nirvana is the only way of emancipation from suffering, which is intrinsic to conditioned existence.

  7. J1

    The Torah teaches us to respond rightly to God.

  8. J2

    Respond rightly to God.

  9. J2v

    God is holy.

  10. J3

    Live in accord with the Torah.

  11. J3v

    The good life is a life in accord with the Torah.

  12. J4

    God is our Lord and Maker, creator of heaven and earth and all that is in them, the judge of all nations and the fountain of life.



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