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August Wilhelm von Schlegel: Lectures on Dramatic Literature

  • John B. Halsted
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August Wilhelm von Schlegel (1767–1845) was the elder of the brothers who led the German Romantic school. He was educated at Göttingen, became a professor at the University of Jena in 1798; after 1818 he taught at Bonn. Along with his brother, Friedrich von Schlegel (1772–1829), who was probably the more original of the two, A. W. Schlegel founded (in 1798) the Athenaeum, the journal in which appeared many of the early works of the Romantic school and in which August Wilhelm and Friedrich sketched out the aesthetic theory of the new Romanticism while promoting the works of Novalis, Schleiermacher, Brentano, and Tieck. August Wilhelm’s translations of Shakespeare were immensely influential in developing the tastes to which the new school appealed and served to exemplify portions of the new doctrines. A. W. von Schlegel’s scholarly work included translation of Calderón and the introduction of the study of Sanskrit into Germany. Largely through his association with Mme. de Staël, the ideas of the school were brought to the attention of Europe to the West.


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