The Agreement with Spain

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IN August 1902 Jules Cambon was appointed to succeed Patenôtre as French ambassador in Madrid. He appeared in many respects the ideal choice. As French ambassador in Washington he had earned the gratitude of Spain by his mediation in her war with America, and as a former governor-general of Algeria (from 1891 to 1897) he was especially qualified to conduct negotiations on Morocco. However, Cambon also had a good deal of his brother’s arrogance about him. Within a few months of his arrival at Madrid he had, complained Castillo, ‘let it be understood at Paris that he was the dominating diplomatist at the Spanish capital, and had the Spanish government in his pocket’.1 Cambon was a good deal less popular than he thought. According to his Italian colleague in Madrid he behaved more like a prefect than an ambassador and caused great resentment by openly regarding Spain as a ‘negligible quantity’ in world affairs.2 He was also on notably bad terms with Patenôtre’s former deputy, Lefaivre, whom he called a ‘lunatic’, and finally had him replaced at the beginning of 1904 after repeated requests to Delcassé.3


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