Macdougall on the Dollar Problem

  • Lord Robbins


Any work by Sir Donald MacDougall must command the most respectful attention, both from his fellow economists and from the general public. He was one of Sir Winston Churchill’s economic advisers during the war and again between 1951 and 1953; he has been an Economics Director of the Organization for European Economic Co-operation; and, as an academic economist at Oxford, he has made notable contributions to the advancement of his subject. The appearance, therefore, of this most extensive book, coming, as it does, at a time 2 when in many parts of the world there are apprehensions of a re-emergence of dollar shortage, must be regarded as an event of some importance. Whatever our degree of agreement with Sir Donald’s conclusions, he surely deserves the gratitude of us all for the truly monumental labours which have gone to his arguments and computations. A solid, even-tempered discussion of one of the most important issues of the day.


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