Equality as a Social Objective

  • Lord Robbins


Before offering my contribution I should like to congratulate the Group upon its choice of subject for this series of discussions. Equality is a catchword of the day; the levelling spirit is a characteristic of the age. Other ideas which were part of the great leftward drive have been realized or have lost their attractive power. The gilt is off the nationalization gingerbread. But not so with the idea of equality. Although, as I shall try to show, in some respects we have gone as far in that direction as a great many members of the left would, in their heads, judge to be desirable, that idea still retains its ascendancy over their hearts. Socialism is about equality, we are told by Professor Lewis. Mr. Kaldor’s extraordinarily interesting book, An Expenditure Tax, is, to some extent at least, inspired by the same impulse. Equality as an objective still holds the field as one of the main issues of our time. Indeed, in some circles it is the basis for a sort of snobism; if you do not subscribe to the levelling slogans, you are in some sense morally inferior.


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